Once a year the clenched competence of space acoustic and in the topic interested people come together to achieve a new consciousness of hearing. All join the initial concert in the monastic church to “tune” their minds to the experiences of space acoustic phenomena. Two days in the communication centre of the company OWA is filled up with space acoustic, mainly in the field of acoustic design.
Approx. 250 participants, concert, lectures, workshops.
All of high standing personalities in space acoustic come together, discuss and make music in Armorbach.
KLANG:KLAUSUR 2003 "Kommunikation und Akustik"
KLANG:KLAUSUR 2005 "Akustik als Erlebnis" KLANG:KLAUSUR 2007 "Akustik und Dialog"

Prof. Rudolf Schricker developed this concept together with company OWA and is responsible for its program and contents.