Every year, the first weekend of October, there is a big meeting taking place in the former student workshop of the company Resopal located in Groß-Umstadt.
Almost 450 participators, mostly architects and interior designers as well as designers and journalists; plenty advisers and persons from cultural, scientific and political background taking positions to various topics of design culture.
denk.werkstatt 01 "phänomen wand"
denk.werkstatt 02 "lern.stoff"
denk.werkstatt 03 "geschmack.sache"
denk.werkstatt 04 "mut.mass"
denk.werkstatt 05 "kultur.gut"
denk.werkstatt 06 "zeit.sinn"
denk.werkstatt 07 "grenz.wert" 
denk.werkstatt 08 ""
denk.werkstatt 09 "über.leben"
denk.werkstatt 10 "neu.gier"
denk.werkstatt 11 "vor.bild / nach.halt"
denk.werkstatt 12 "frei.geist / regel.werk"

Every denk.werkstatt is summarized in a book available at Resopal-Verlag.
Prof. Rudolf Schricker is initiator and co organizer of denk.werkstatt.