Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect and Designer

Born in 1955

Study of interior architecture and design at the 'Staatliche Akademie der Bildendenden Künste'
(State Academy of Arts) in Stuttgart.

Since 1984 working indepentdent as interior architect and designer in Stuttgart.

In 1993 vocation as professor at the 'University of tecnology, business and design' in Heiligendamm, department design and interior architecture

Since 2002 professor for design and construction at University of Applied Sciences in Coburg.

Rudolf Schricker was president of the BDIA ("union of German Interior Architects/Designers) from 2007 till 2011 and vice president from 1991 till 2015. He was also chairman of state association of the BDIA in Baden-Württemberg from 1991 till 2007.
Publicist and author of plenty books and articles.
Expert for accreditation agencies.