university lecture
Prof. Rudolf Schricker developed his theory of modern and promising interior design basing on his experiences as former teacher within 1983 and 1992 at the university of applied sciences Stuttgart and the national academy of forming arts Stuttgart;
above all since his appointment as professor at the university Wismar, location Heiligendamm, from 1992 till 2002;
and since his renewed appointment 2002 at the University of Applied Sciences Coburg, teaching sketching and designing at the faculty Design and teaching construction at the faculty interior design.

Training fields:
design & human knowledge
description & expression
techniques & sciences
reflexion & vision
management & responsibility

Since that time numerous projects are worked on in the course of studies very close-to-reality in order of economy and authorities.

Prof. Rudolf Schricker is taking responsibility in his function of the faculty advice of design; as a practical course representative in the faculty interior design;
as a member of different appointment commissions.

Since 1999 Prof. Schricker is active as a peer and consultant on behalf of different accreditation agencies (ASAP, ASIIN, AQAS, ZEVA) doing certifications and evaluations in different universities.